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Traveling solo is a great way to get to know yourself, discover new places, meet new people and be confident.

Sometimes we miss great opportunities to see the world because we don’t want to travel alone, but I’m here to show you traveling solo is not a bad thing! I remember the first time I grabbed my bags and confronted my fear of traveling by myself, and I will tell you–it was an amazing experience.

We are always surrounded by people, work, phone calls, emails, social networks and on and on. Sometimes we just need to disconnect and travel solo, preferably at least once a year.

Here is a small list of the benefits of traveling solo.

Discover Yourself.

If this will be your first solo journey, think about when you were a kid and all those places you wanted to visit and explore. Perhaps you decide to relax in a resort in the Caribbean coast of México in Cancun, or the gay friendly town rich with culture in Puerto Vallarta, México. Or perhaps what appeals to you is a little further south in Cuzco, Peru, the home of the ancient civilization that built Machu Picchu in the 15th Century, or meeting some sexy Cariocas in Rio De Janeiro by the beach in Ipanema. Whether your dream destination is even further afield in Europe, Asia or beyond, whatever you decide, there is a place for everyone on this planet. Find a destination that appeals to you and you can do it on your own time and agenda. The trip will be unforgettable!

Freedom, Peace & Flexibility.

When you’re traveling solo, you will not have problems trying to fit in someone else’s schedule. You will be free to do things on your own terms, or even change plans according to how you’re feeling–in case you had a late night at that amazing club you didn’t want to leave.

Make New Friends.

You are probably thinking that as a solo traveler you will be lonely. Forget about that! Make a little effort and you will never be lonely on the road. There is always something to do, someone to meet, especially in gay destinations. If you stay at a hostel, you will meet people doing the same as you. If you stay in a hotel, grab your phone and start chatting with people online or on apps. Locals love travelers! And of course you can always meet new friends in public places like a bar or coffee shop. The best thing about meeting locals is that they will show you the real city you are visiting. I used to be very shy and didn’t want to talk to anyone, especially at bar. But get some confidence, speak to strangers, have fun and be observant and you will be sure to make new friends or perhaps even fall in love. So, stop being shy! You will gain valuable insider knowledge like the best places sights and tastes of your new city, and you’ll live like a local for the duration of your trip.

Save Money & Indulge Yourself.

Traveling solo can be way cheaper than traveling with other people. Resist the urge to visit fancy restaurants to impress your buddies; street food and hole in the wall restaurants that are popular with locals often have the best food anyway! You may be more tempted to pick up souvenirs for all the folks you left back home, and that’s OK. But remember traveling solo is all about treating yourself. You can go anywhere you please if that’s what makes you happy.

The best part of traveling is having a real taste of the region’s cuisine, and for sure it’s the most enjoyable part of my trips. Imagine those TACOS in México City or that pad thai in Bangkok or that pizza slice after clubbing all night in NYC.

As a solo traveler, encourage yourself to be more adventurous with food and sights. Try new things that appeal to YOU!

No drama.

OK, we all like a little drama in our lives. But traveling can be stressful, and traveling with others is a surefire way to spark some drama. Being in an unfamiliar city is going to be a little stressful no matter what, and travel companion drama does not help. How many times have you argued with a travel buddy about dates, times and things to do? Cancel plans to meet his request? The stress of getting to the airport on time? Solo travel is drama free when you only have yourself to argue with!

Don’t be afraid to make your own journey. You will make the most of it and enjoy every single moment. It may be a little scary or even emotional at first, but traveling solo will give you a whole new perspective on the world and on yourself. There will be no regrets, just an amazing experience making memories of your new adventures that will last forever.

Comment below to tell us about your first solo traveler adventure!

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